Software and Remote Order Entry
CRX joined the Partner Program with OMICS/Optical Software: which is one of the most advanced lab processing software systems on the market.

Along with our new lens processing equipment, OMICS has enabled us to take our product offerings from a solid local company working mainly from faxed orders, to being able to service customers in “real-time” regardless of their location.

Through the DirectLab™ connection our customers can enter their own orders, check the status, locate which stage and/or piece of equipment the lenses are currently, and in some cases even notify our lab staff of any issues they may recognize. No other software package has more “real-time” advantages to not only our customers, but to our own lab technicians processing the lenses. All that is needed is a high speed internet connection, and we can help you take care of the rest with a simple phone call.

Most importantly, this is not just an “email” type setup or electronic order entry screen that some labs provide where you enter your data and simply “send the info” – this package actually allows “real-time” interface offerings on your account.

Electronic Statements – All statements may now be sent electronically. Please call us for information on signing up for this feature. Help us GO GREEN.

** If you are an ophthalmic professional needing to use VisionWeb™ please contact our customer service manager for information – CRX also has that service available. **